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Appreciating the complexity of spinal disorders and muscular-skeletal pain syndromes, Dr. Miller is very committed to identifying the right diagnoses in her patients. She does so by performing a comprehensive history and physical examination, reviewing any previous medical records and imaging herself, and by taking the time to talk with her patients. It sounds old-fashioned and maybe even rudimentary, but Dr. Miller feels strongly that the principles she was taught in medical school, that “90% of diagnoses are made with a good history and physical exam,” still hold true.

She embraces both traditional and untraditional avenues of treatment and aims to tailor therapies to her generally health-conscious patient population. Knowing our current healthcare system can be quite fragmented, Dr. Miller tries to work closely with her patients’ other healthcare professionals so that she can facilitate communication with her patients’ medical teams.

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are a treatment option for knots that form when muscles do not relax. These points can also irritate nerves around them and cause pain in other areas of the body. A mixture containing a local anesthetic (and sometimes a steroid as well) is inserted into the trigger point to make it inactive and therefore alleviate the pain.

The procedure takes just a few minutes and is performed in the doctor’s office. It is very safe and has minimal side effects. Trigger point injections not only relieve pain, but also loosen the muscles which are causing the pain to help with the rehabilitation process.

Trigger point injections are common findings in Myofascial Pain Syndrome, a chronic pain condition in which trigger points develop in certain muscles and cause pain when touched. It is most common in middle-aged adults, although people of any age may be affected by them. Of course, sometimes muscle pain can be a function of another condition, or a response to another disease-process, so Dr. Miller believes it is important to be fully evaluated prior to getting such injections.

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